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Improve GMAT Score

Improve your GMAT score with our online Course developed by REAL EXPERTS.

We know how competitive the GMAT test is and what its difficulties are. We know how demanding the admission requirements are for the best MBA schools and for the other degrees that require this test.

Our Deal:

  • More than 20 Years of Teaching Experience.
  • Detailed Explanations.
  • Full Exemplification.
  • High-Quality Exercises.
  • Expert Instructors.
  • Intensive Practice.
  • On-Target Strategies.
  • Flexible GMAT Course Structure.
  • Multi-Angled Approach.

Maximize your Graduate Management Admission Test score by adopting the right approach. Let us help you toward success in your MBA or Masters admission-process.

Improve your GMAT Score

Kick-start your knowledge and your analytical skills by looking at questions from a variety of perspectives and acquiring a range of problem-solving approaches.

Organization and Strategy.

Make your GMAT study plan and follow it systematically; read, practise, and learn by example by following our methodology.

Don’t underestimate.

Don’t underestimate the test, especially the GMAT Verbal area: this is where most native speakers make mistakes.

GMAT Courses are worth the trouble.

The one you choose really can make the difference between a mediocre score and a great one.

Class material isn’t  sufficient.

Read as much as possible to improve the Verbal section and practice as much as possible. Get familiar with suggested strategies.

Better understand the test.

It’s important to understand how the GMAT test is structured, its format, and the way you should approach it. Learn how to distribute the time during the test, how to make calculated risks and guess more effectively.

Set achievable goals.

Set your goal, but don’t forget to aim for more. If you get overwhelmed, take a day off.

Don’t get frustrated.

The Graduate Management Admission Test is a very difficult exam, but don’t let it discourage you. Our exercises and methodology will help you to become more and more confident.


Find your weaknesses and try to improve on them. Don’t be obsessed with being the best with everything: focus on those questions on which you can score more.

More About GMAT

Are you aiming to gain admission to the best Masters in Business and Administration programs across the world? Are you trying to improve your Test score to enter the MBA of your choice ?

You need to prepare your Graduate Management Admission Test WELL to get a top score. But with so many GMAT prep courses on offer, it’s hard to work out which ones are best. Our online preparation platform could be the choice you’re looking for.

Improve your GMAT Score

Our GMAT prep course has been planned and structured at the right level for candidates in need of a 700+ score. You don’t have to settle for less!

What Students Say About Us

Gmat online course reviews
  • GregoryGregory

    The perfect online course for my needs. Just thanks Smart GMAT  and Alex for his help.

  • PaolaPaola

    I wsa struggling with GMAT Verbal section to improve my final score. I got the right tactics and methods with this GMAT online course. A lot of exercises with multiple views and extended solutions.

  • DragoDrago

    After a few tries with different online schools i couldn't imagine it could have been that easier  to improve my GMAT score. Smart GMAT really has great GMAT preparation materials and methodologies

  • AnastaisyaAnastaisya

    Smart GMAT really helped me in finding and using the best tactics in organizing my preparation and get the result I was waiting for.

Our GMAT Methodology

In our GMAT course, methodology and learning interact.

Our explanations are integrative: each GMAT-format question has not only an explanation but also a method. The why goes hand-in-hand with the how. You work through a series of steps that show you both the correct answer and the fastest and most accurate way of getting to it: two indispensable considerations for an outstanding score in the Graduate Management Admission Test.

Try our Free GMAT access and learn  why our online GMAT prep course has helped hundreds of students to increase their score  and get into the business school of their choice.

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Deploy your own Graduate Management Admission Test Platform: we can provide a ready-to-use learning environment for institutes, schools, colleges, and universities. 

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Online GMAT Features

Multi-Sided Learning Tools

Our Platform makes use of Multisided Learning Methods : improve your skills quickly by accessing lessons, quizzes, advice, videos, glossaries and mini-tests from any internet-connected device.

Multi Sided Learning System

Take control of your GMAT preparation by using our online methodology. Develop a successful approach though our interactive material to IMPROVE your score.

Flexible Content

Here, there are two main objectives: to take you through all areas of the Graduate Management Admission Test, but also to allow you to choose your own way.

GMAT Flexible content approach

You can follow our prep course exactly as we have structured it, or completely reorganise the chapters and subjects as you may need, or go part of the way with us and the rest along your own lines.

The Flexible Structure of our Content allows you to manage our online GMAT course in different ways: you can reorganize the content, subjects and chapters as you may need.

Our only recommendation is that, however you do the course, you should BE CONSISTENT and work in accordance with your study-plan every day. Staying in practice means progressing toward your exam and MBA goals!

  Varied Approaches

Learn by doing: our problem-based GMAT prep course will help you to progress not just through what the material provides, but also through what you do with it online!

Gmat exercises learn by doing

All the GMAT prep that you do with us will involve you from the start. There will be theory to study, of course – and plenty of it. There’s no way around that in the GMAT! But it comes in easy-to-learn portions. And before you start on it, our program provides the opportunity to compare, analyze, evaluate, and choose – and to use tools that will help you toward the exam score that you need.

Systematic Structure

Work on each subject by doing the unique test-preparation exercises and GMAT-format questions that comprise our learning system.

structured GMAT verbal content

Get FAMILIAR WITH a number of approaches to the challenges of the Graduate Management Admission Test.

Learn how to solve GMAT PROBLEMS through a structured series of solutions.

We offer a complete and rewarding system of online lessons and materials in all the areas of the exam – areas that many GMAT courses and books don’t cover at all, or just gloss over.

About Smart GMAT Online

Experience at your hand.

We have been involved for more than 18 years in preparing individual students and groups, in person and online, for the GMAT test.

Our online GMAT prep program is the result of close collaboration between computer programmers and highly-qualified GMAT instructors and resource developers.

It’s difficult to make the right choice when there are so many online courses available. We have seen how the GMAT test has evolved. You can trust us to know what the GMAT demands. You can rely on us to help you to find solutions to the challenges of this very difficult exam.   

Content Manager Paulo
IT Managers
GMAT Verbal Expert Sharon
GMAT Expert M. Ellen
Gmat Expert Joseph
GMAT Online Manager Manel
GMAT Professor Warwick

Having already developed for our own students a series of online GMAT resources, we now bring you Smart GMAT. This is a far-reaching online GMAT prep course that looks at the examination and its requirements from a new and rewarding perspective.

So why should you stay with Smart GMAT?

  • More than 20 years teaching GMAT content and strategies
  • High-quality, learn-by-doing exercises
  • Concise, rigorous explanations
  • GMAT solutions: varied problem-solving approaches
  • Effective, time-saving strategies
  • Multimedia available: methodology in action
  • Constant re-cycling of tips, information, warnings, and techniques

We are the company to really help you to boost your current level in GMAT Verbal. GET READY to change your approach in THE Verbal Section and achieve your goals.

GMAT Verbal Section

The GMAT Verbal section consists of three different but related question-areas.

Sentence Correction. It tests your capacity to understand and analyze written English material from the points of view of grammar and syntax, but above all from that of the logical coherency of sentences.

Critical Reasoning. It assesses your ability to evaluate the logic of arguments and plans, to strengthen or weaken them or pin-point their flaws, to discover the assumptions behind them or the ideas that can be inferred from them.

Reading Comprehension. It evaluates your skills in understanding and critically analyzing passages written in English. Here, too, you will have to make inferences on the basis of what a text has merely implied, recognise main ideas and authorial intentions, and show a firm grasp of what a passage has actually stated.

Sentence Correction this is what you’ll find on our platform.

  • Wide range of exercise-types.
  • Intensive error-identification practice.
  • Hundreds of SC-format questions.
  • Progression from easy to very hard.
  • Timed and untimed exercises.
  • All SC areas covered in depth.
  • Consistent, commonsensical methodology.
  • Complete explanations, in writing and on video.
  • Mini-tests.
  • Lesson summaries.
  • Interactive algorithm.
  • Review sets.
  • Course completion chart.
  • Constant progress monitoring.
  • Messaging to instructor straight from platform.
  • Gradebook for automatic recording of scores.
  • Interactive glossary for all grammatical terms.
  • Example-sentences for all rules of grammar and syntax.

Critical Reasoning this is what you’ll find on our platform.

  • Hundreds of exercises including CR-format questions.
  • Practice in recognizing conclusions.
  • Timed and untimed exercises.
  • Range of levels from simple to very difficult.
  • Understanding of role of conclusions.
  • All CR areas worked on intensively.
  • Emphasis on Weakening, Strengthening, Inferences, and Assumptions.
  • Analyses of arguments.
  • Consistent methodology and correct-answer testing.
  • Mini-tests.
  • Interactive glossary for all terms used in the course.
  • Incorrect answer-type awareness.
  • Full explanations in writing and on video.
  • Review sets.
  • Interactive algorithm.
  • Course completion chart.
  • Constant progress monitoring.
  • Gradebook for automatic recording of scores.
  • Messaging to instructor straight from platform.

Reading Comprehension this is what you’ll find on our platform.

  • Wide variety of quizzes, exercises, and RC-type questions.
  • Progression from easy to very difficult.
  • Easy-to-apply methodology explained on video.
  • Intensive passage-analyses.
  • Practice in recognizing important passage-elements.
  • Understanding the requirements of the different question-types.
  • Question-stem identification.
  • RC-format passages for in-depth practice.
  • Interactive algorithm.
  • Course completion chart.
  • Constant progress monitoring.
  • Gradebook for automatic recording of scores.
  • Messaging to instructor straight from platform.
  • Timed and untimed exercises.
  • Recognition of wrong answer-types.