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Smart GMAT online offers free “limited” access to its test-preparation platform.

You can do some free exercises and lessons , try some tests, and get new advice for a much better GMAT Test approach.

Our Free plan give you access to a selection of features and activities but you can always unlock more of them by upgrading to any other access plan. Here are some examples of what you will get:

Free Access PlanOther Access Plan
Videos: Not AvailableMultimedia Available
GMAT in a NutshellGMAT in a Nutshell
A.W.A. Suggestions: Not AvailableA.W.A. Suggestions Available
Reading Comprehension: Partial AccessReading Comprehension: FULL Access
Sentence Correction: Partial AccessSentence Correction: FULL Access
Critical Reasoning: Partial AccessCritical Reasoning: FULL Access

The Smart GMAT online course features hundreds of unique questions designed to mirror real GMAT formats and, above all, to reflect the difficulty level of official questions. By working on our exercises, activities, quizzes, lessons, mini-tests, and review sets you’ll be able to come to grips with what the GMAT is likely to present you with. And at the same time, you’ll have the chance to put into effect a variety of strategies that will point you straight toward right answers obtained in minimum time.

Why try out our Free GMAT plan?

Smart Gmat is an innovative preparation platform that offers both free and premium access. You can learn about our teaching methodology by working on our free GMAT material – and at the same time, you can improve by double checking our solutions and suggestions. What’s more, you can get an idea of how extensive and in-depth our full course is.

Do a complete lesson in Sentence Correction or in Critical Reasoning to discover what the GMAT focuses on in those areas and what the pitfalls are that you have to learn to avoid. Dive into the different question-types in Reading Comprehension to understand what each of them requires and what kinds of trap answers you will find. Then go ahead and try your hand at answering the questions on a passage. Find out in this way how the entire Smart GMAT course will boost your learning potential.

You don’t have anything to lose. So, try it out. Take advantage of this great preparation opportunity!



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